originally posted: February 15, 2024
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Your success and happiness are determined by you, and both are your responsibility. If you want to feel happy, be successful, confident and proud of yourself the choice is yours, to believe in yourself and make it happen.

“Believe In Yourself” is so cliché, but true.

There are a lot of miserable people online. Like very deeply, seriously unhappy. And it’s so obvious to me that they want to be that way, and they’d rather be miserable cunts than risk making the effort to change perspective on their own lives.

To be fair, I do understand why people are unhappy.

As a society there’s tons to be miserable about. The world is burning, the governments don’t listen to or care about the people. People are poor, hungry, disabled, mentally ill, uninspired, and miserable.

If you want to stay miserable there’s no shortage of content to keep you there. Bad news abounds.

Focus on it everyday, focus on your situation, focus on your aches, and pains. Think about them every minute, cry about, rant about it online. Find company for your misery. Take comfort in the familiarity of your own agony.

Just accept defeat.

Accept that your acceptance is a choice.

Accept that your excuses – your illness, you under-employment, your shitty attention-span – are only valid obstructions to your goals because YOU’VE given them power over you. You believe you can or can’t do certain things because YOU MADE THE CHOICE TO BELIEVE THAT.

I’m not gonna argue with any whiny “woe is me” snowflakes about whether or not they personally have what it takes to forge through mental blockages.

If you say you want to do something but you’re not consistently taking actions related to it then I don’t fucking believe you.

We’re all conscious, self-determinant ADULTS here. If you can manage to go to the bathroom by yourself and wash your hands afterward, then you’ve got all the faculties you need to be held accountable for your life decisions.

You say you want you start a business.

Or you want to write a book. Or you want to start a podcast.

And yet.

Every single day you put more energy toward defending your excuses for why you didn’t do one single thing related to your goals.

The time you spend explaining why you didn’t follow through is TIME WASTED. You’re talking, but you’re not saying anything. Meanwhile you could have been…

  • Writing,
  • reading articles about your business idea,
  • watching YouTube tutorials,
  • drawing,
  • designing,
  • editing photos,
  • revising your mission statement,
  • learning marketing?

I don’t know, you could literally do anything else with your time except singing your “what had happened was” song.

Who cares why you didn’t do the thing?

The only factual true thing is that you didn’t do it.

All of your energy and focus goes toward crying about how hard it is that you don’t have what you want,

but you’re the one making the choices with what to do with your time.

And if you’re going to tell me that you literally zoned out for the majority of the 24 hours in one day, then I’m gonna recommend you see a neurologist for a lobotomy because anyway, you clearly have no control of your own mind right? So who cares if they cut your brain in half, since you’re already half vegetable.

Listen, the point is you CAN do the things you dream about.

You just gotta make the choice to show up for yourself. You have to choose to put yourself first. Choose to hold yourself accountable. Make the choice to PUSH THROUGH your fear, laziness, self-doubt, and pain. Choose to believe that you can do hard things.

Believe that if you can imagine something then you already have what it takes to bring it into reality. Believe that if you show up for yourself every single day, and focus on the things that empower you, you will become stronger.

Your happiness, success, creativity and growth are in your hands. However it goes, the choice is yours. You either give your ideas their due time, or you don’t. You either water your garden, or you let your excuses run your life.

Which is it gonna be?


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