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I don’t offer free consultations because I don’t want to spend time talking about things you’re not actually ready to follow through and execute. I also don’t believe in giving away my good ideas to people who may or may not hire me right now.

This is my job and I’m not here to play pretend.

When you pay $75 for one hour with me we can both approach the conversation with serious intentions.

If you want free advice I wrote 60+ blog posts that you can read here.

Can you commit one hour of your time to organizing your ideas and planning your goals? Whether you need a website, want to write a book, or you’re lost in the sauce with your small business, we can talk it through together. I’ll pull off your pretense, push aside your confusion, and give it to you straight.

How it works

First, I interview you.

What do you want to achieve? Where are you in your process right now? Why do you want to do this? How much time and effort are you willing to give to this project?  

Then, I give you solutions

I’ll tell you everything I know about what you need, exactly which steps to take next, which websites have more resources. I’ll also pin-point the personal blocks you’re putting up in your own way (brace yourself, I’m blunt). 

We close it out with Q&A

We’ll wrap up the call with your questions. Ask me anything related to websites, writing, small business planning, creative freelance, photo-editing, digital marketing, etc. Keep it classy and professional and stay on topic. If you try to flirt with me or ask personal questions I’ll cut the line. 

Your Parting Gift

Within 24 hours of our call you’ll get a PDF re-cap with your interview answers, my suggestions, and a literal step-by-step list of the actions YOU need to take to get what you want.