Putting Passionate
People Online

I’m Ruth Nineke and I LOVE working with seriously passionate people.

Business Planning

I’ve mentored numerous freelancers and small business owners at the start of their journey. Most of the time, people really want to do something but they don’t think they can.

The first step is recharging your confidence. If you have an idea, you absolutely CAN do it. You just need a plan, some information, and someone to hold you accountable.

Business Planning & Freelance Mentoring with me is done via zoom and e-mail.

First, we start with your goal. What are you super passionate about? What do you want to achieve?

What are your strengths? What blocks are in your way? Where do you hold back?

Who do you want to work with the most? Who needs your skills and services?

Then, I build you a personalized plan. We enhance your strengths, and address your previous setbacks.

We work around your schedule, and we check-in every week.

10 weekly planning session include customized PDF Business Plan.


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