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I’m Ruth Nineke and I LOVE working with seriously passionate people.

Stay Boring and Small You Dumb Fucking Bitch

Stay Boring and Small You Dumb Fucking Bitch

Boring people are the absolute worst. They always have some underhanded, sneak diss remark to make. They always have something poisonous to project onto courageous and creative people. Yet they nearly never add anything original, or useful to a conversation. Boring people are always on some same ol’ bullshit. You ever notice how it’s always some boring, predictable, zero-backbone-having-mother-fucker who asks antagonizing-ass questions, and wants […]

Dream Bigger/The Only Way Is Up

Some thoughts I had on what it means to be a business minded person, versus a person who says they’re a business owner online.

Jan 9. Having A Great Time

The new year has kicked off with me kicking myself into my HIGHEST GEAR. December was dramatic and intoxicating, and I went with the whole flow of it because I’d given myself the month off for “holiday.”