originally posted: July 21, 2022

Let’s get this part straight: My business advice is for women. I have worked with men before, and I’m sure I’ll work with them again. But the core of my business is for women. All of my advice is for business women. Because whether you want to admit it or not women are often underestimated, underpaid, underappreciated, taken for granted, and pushed around.

Not in this house, sugar. Over here we empower, we encourage, we inform, and we safeguard. Thank You, Next. Don’t be afraid to quit a client. Being right isn’t always about keeping the money, or pushing through a gig from hell. It’s not about the customer always being right either.

You need to be right with yourself. In your heart. You need to feel peace.

Your state of mind is important. Your feelings are important. Sure, it’s business. And I love the bag as well, but “it’s business” doesn’t mean we aren’t human beings dealing with other human beings. If someone makes you feel disrespected, whether they mean to or not, you’re allowed to drop them. Client, customer, family member, friend.

Anyone who talks down to you, or scratches at your confidence – and doesn’t acknowledge their actions, and doesn’t communicate an apology – is not someone you need around you.

Working for yourself is a trial of confidence and stamina. Always choose yourself.

If it digs at your confidence, or fucks up your energy levels, CUT ITYou and your business are your top priority. Often women are conditioned to put others before themselves. I put myself first all the time. Everyday. I am the most important person in my life, and I always will be. If I’m not at top form, I’m not delivering top content, top friendship, top work. Period. So I don’t let anything that rubs me funny stay in my life.

And that goes for clients too. Rotten clients will have you questioning everything. They’ll run you ragged and make you jump through unnecessary hoops if you let them. Ask yourself, who hired who? Because who is it that knows how to do the thing? And who doesn’t know how to do thing?

Your peace of mind is your greatest asset in getting through life and business. You need your head on straight to do good work. If you have a head full of doubt, you’re no good to anyone. And you don’t need a heavy chest either, because every interaction with someone stresses you out. You don’t need to be full of resentment. You’re better than that. You can say:

“unfortunately, this isn’t working for me anymore.”

You can walk away. If you work in freelance you definitely want to add a termination clause in your contract. If you’re in retail e-commerce you can block certain IP addresses from accessing your website. You can pull IP addresses off e-mail headers from problematic customers.

Let people feel salty. And let them talk. That has nothing to do with your future. Trust me anybody talking shit because you stood up for yourself was never anybody who wanted to see at your best. Believe in yourself, always. Believe that you can walk away from bad situations and create better opportunities for yourself.

You have the power. You have the sauce.

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