originally posted: November 28, 2022

Listen, I love me some woo-woo hippy love and light magic manifesting, positive thinking bullshit.

I’m here for all of the talk: light your candles, smudge your space, clean your alter, meditate. Do it all. I’m with you. I BELIEVE.

But you know what else I believe in? Doing the work. Showing up to sit down and actually create the life you daydream about in your head. If you have a dream, you also NEED to believe in it enough to make it yourself come true. No one else can make it for you.

Most of the people on this planet don’t believe.

They say they believe in God but they don’t follow a single teaching from any Holy book. They don’t talk to God like that because if they did it wouldn’t be such a foreign concept to explain to them how “not to be a dick.”

This isn’t a post about religion or hippy bullshit though. You should be compassionate and kind to people just cause but I’m not for explaining why.

This is a post about how most people simply don’t believe in anything. Not God, not themselves, not their dreams, and certainly not yours.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably got a colorful imagination. You probably get through the majority of your days with a fantasy reel playing in your head of what your life could be like, what you’d like it to be like.

Maybe it doesn’t match up everyday, but you still keep the reel on auto-play and repeat. Maybe your fantasy life gives you comfort during the low times. Maybe it gives you inspiration through the monotonous routine of your present daily life.

Maybe you just have your fantasy in your mind all day as reinforcement to keep your frequency in alignment with the Uinverse as you manifest. Kicker about manifesting though is the “mani” part has its word origins in Latin or something and it means HANDS. So your hands actually have to get involved in your manifestations which means YOU actually have to say less and DO THE WORK.

Oh fuck. Accountability. Jesus, holding ourselves accountable is such a nightmare hey! And what about if you’re surrounded by people in your life always telling you what to do and telling you that your dreams are impractical, and your dream life is never going to happen? Battling outside voices makes it even harder to believe in our dreams.

What if your friend group (or worse, YOUR OWN FAMILY) is constantly giving you messaging that you’re wrong. You’re too much. Your ideas are foolish. You don’t understand how the world works. You failed? Duh of course you did. You had a bad thing happen? Oh well you did it to yourself. You deserved what you got. You’re so selfish. You’re so naive.

Let me tell you right now there is nothing useful in criticism that doesn’t also come with solutions. If you are dealing with ANYBODY in your life that criticizes you, your dreams, your actions, your choices, your spirit (!!) but never gives you one glitter-sized drop of encouragement, or a solution toward your ambition or passions – CUT THEM RIGHT TF NOW.

Get them out! Idc who they are.

Our lives are short and unpredictable. Our passions and our hearts must be our only guidance. Things will get hard. They always do. Whether you play by “the rules” or you make your own. It’s gonna be tough.

That’s not a reason to stop. There is never a reason to stop believing in yourself or following your dreams.

The only thing you ever need to stop is the bullshit. Don’t bring it to me because I see through it and I’ll proper hurt your feelings when I call you out. Stop the bullshit of listening to non-believers. Stop the bullshit of bending over backward for anyone’s approval. Stop the bullshit of seeking external validation and validate yourself. Stop the bullshit of avoiding looking inside and being honest with yourself.

But never stop thinking about your dream life. Never stop thinking about your goals. Never stop thinking about all the talent God gave you. Never stop thinking about how magical it is that you even exist. Never stop imagining the beauty you could create with your gifts. Never stop learning. Never stop trying or doing.



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