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I’m Ruth Nineke and I LOVE working with seriously passionate people.

Dream Bigger/The Only Way Is Up

Dream Bigger/The Only Way Is Up

Some thoughts I had on what it means to be a business minded person, versus a person who says they’re a business owner online.

Are we pushing ourselves to do better work, to provide better content, to improve our services and our business processes / operations / logistics?

Are we finding faster methods to do the same things? Are we learning new industry standards?

Are we thinking bigger? Are we envisioning growth?


Are we showing up RELENTLESSY in the pursuit of creativity & innovation? 


Or are we getting stuck, losing momentum, feeling insecure and doubtful?

The only real difference between any people exist inside their minds and mentality. 

Remember that no matter what content I put out, you are in control of your own mind. Think Bigger.

Follow Your Dreams.

Get It Done.