originally posted: February 12, 2024
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Hold this: You ARE perfection by default, just being yourself. You can free yourself to make mistakes, and learn by doing. Free yourself to try your best, and try again.

Read it back if you need, and see how it feels.

But just because you’re a human being and inherently perfect doesn’t mean you’re always right. And it doesn’t mean your bullshit excuses are true either. Just because you believe the lies you tell yourself don’t make ’em so.

The good news is, with this knowledge you can free yourself to fuck up a little.

Free Yourself From Doubt & Expectation

You’re perfect in your self-perceived and internalized defaults. Even when you let yourself down, and fail to show up in the highest version of yourself, you’re still perfect then. By your mere existence you’re perfect okay. Just on a philosophical & spiritual level.

A lot of times creatives, and other individuals talk themselves out of their ideas because of doubt. We set ourselves up with expectations of difficulty, and also with our expectations of ideal circumstances. And in these conflicting expectations – of what we want the ideal situation to be, very likely our minds can trigger us to also think up every possible difficulty. And then we begin to doubt that we can pass those difficulties.

Because we’re not perfect, we decide we can’t do it. It’s so deep that we do it subconsciously.

But most people won’t admit that they don’t believe they can get through obstacles. Most people won’t admit they’re afraid of challenges. Most people are trapped by their fear of their own expectations, by their own self-doubt.

That aside,

We gotta get something straight real fast:

You don’t have to put out perfect work. Period, ever.

It doesn’t have to be perfect. But you do owe it to yourself to try your very very best – at everything that truly matters to you.

A very small percentage of people have relentless, unyielding drive for greatness. You and I may be just outside of that percentage. And how liberating! Most of us just want to feel free enough to explore & express our ideas to a point of personal pride or satisfaction. There’s nothing wrong with that.

The work may never be perfect. The circumstances very rarely are. But we must work with what we have, and show up to the very best of our ability. When you’ve truly done everything you can, free yourself from the pressure of “perfection.”

Showing up is Perfect.

The only perfection you can achieve is by showing up. Your effort, your energy, the time you commit to your goals is perfect. If you say you want to write a book but you don’t block off at least one hour everyday to write then you didn’t show up. You didn’t try your best.

If you want to have an online store but you don’t research other stores that sell similar items, then you’re not trying your best. If you don’t try to present your product photos similarly to high quality retailers, are you really trying your best?

It’s not about perfect. It’s about making the effort to produce something that is quality.

You define quality.

Quality is whatever you decide. When you’ve attended to every detail, and you’ve held your own work beside other work that you admire you can discern what quality means to you.

Quality should always be your goal – QUALITY AS DEFINED BY YOU. Free yourself to choose what quality looks like, and what it means for your work. When you’ve made your definition of quality, and you can accept that you’ve thoroughly given your absolute total best efforts, then you are free from the illusion of perfection.

Free yourself by being proactive.

Are you scared it won’t come out the way you want? Good. You’re free now. When you take action you teach yourself that doubt and fear are even less real than perfection. Action is the fastest cure for everything you say you want.

It won’t come out the way you thought you wanted. What if it comes out even better. Go for it anyway. Give your time and energy toward the effort. Go through the fear. Work through the doubts. Do it all anyway.

We already know that perfect is impossible. We also know we don’t/wont always get it “right” on the first try. But you can’t achieve anything from a place of fear. You have to start if you want to get better. You have to keep going if you want to produce quality. You have to be consistent when it comes to your dreams.


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