originally posted: January 6, 2024

It’s not always easy to achieve what we say we want. It’s not always easy to be the people we say we want to be. The only way is to choose ourselves over and over and over again.

As we enter another year on this Hell Planet, with its crippling systems, murderous politics, and dismal forecasts, holding onto our personal ambitions can feel understandably futile and intimidating.

Some us still have the same goals to achieve as we did last year. Some of us have been holding the same goals since 2021. And the same excuses too. Year after year after year, after year,  it’s like we’re starting new, except we’re right where we’ve always been.

Why do we keep missing our goals, failing to achieve what we said we would? Many of us are exhausted from jumping repeated unexpected financial, global, and personal hurdles. We are depleted and winded.

But we still have dreams. So how can we turn it around, for real for real? How do we achieve?

The Horrors Persist, But So Do The People.

The only way to achieve anything you want is to PERSIST.


Somehow in a world full of floozies, and horrors, we can see right there in the palms of our hands that countless people are achieving.

People are out there doing things: Authors, Musicians, Actors, Adventurers, Photographers, Comics, Models, Performers, Healers, Athletes. There are “regular” people turning their inspirations into passions, and making their ideas “reality” by sharing with others online, every single day.

They take their ideas out of their brains, and put them through their phones into our phones, and our brains. People entertain, and inform us nearly every single day with their ideas. And for a handful, they even inspire us. But inspire us to what?

The Ride From Inspiration To Achievement

Inspiration only goes so far. You might see my socials, or visit my blog and become inspired to write again.

If you message me that, and I reply “cool!” what comes next for you? What do you do after you get inspired? After you tell people about your idea? What’s the next step?

 If we really want to achieve, Action must immediately follow Inspiration.

Action is always the next step after we’re inspired. If we don’t take action right away we’ve wasted something. Inspiration is only the spark. The first feeling, the magical feeling of possibility, the stirring of our imagination.

And our imaginations are so romantic. That first whiff of possibility, so intoxicating. Cool. So what? Snap back to reality and do something about it.

So you want to write again. You were inspired by something you read and then you…?

Opened Google Docs? And started writing? Made an outline? Put down plot points? What did you do after you got inspired?

How do you process Inspiration?

When you get inspired to do something, how long does it take you to do that thing? Do you take inspired action from start to finish? Do you have tunnel vision, and laser focus?

Or do you get easily sidetracked by other inspirations, and then get lost trying to sew all of your ideas together? Do you follow all your inspirations? And do you achieve them all, or do you get distracted, overwhelmed and burnt out?

Cool. Stop that. The most inspired action you can ever take is to make a plan. Get it out of your head and put it down physically on paper, or in the notes app on your phone. Or Google Docs.

It doesn’t matter where you put the plan, just that you take the physical action of sorting your ideas and mapping out the steps.

Sit down and make a list of your goals and make a list of the steps you need to achieve them. Keep that list where you can see it everyday. And everyday do one thing (or several) toward each task. Make the time, no excuses.

Life is Choices. You have to choose to achieve what you want.

So how do manage and maintain our Inspirations? How do we achieve what we want for real?

I have a few catch phrases I love to use: “Follow your dreams, baby.” “Drink your water and mind your business.” “Life is choices.”

Every single moment of our lives we make choices. We choose to scroll socials and double tap. Or, we choose to open our notebooks and write down our ideas. We choose to text the person we can’t stop thinking about, and we choose to push thoughts of certain people out of our minds.

Similarly, if we want to achieve something we simply choose to do everything it takes. Simply!? you say. Yes, simply choose your success.

Choose Yourself. Again and again. Everyday.

Ultimately, the desire to achieve any goal is a personal feeling. I’m not here to tell you what’s a right or wrong goal. And I’m certainly not here to play devil’s advocate. My goal is to inspire others to take action and do the damn thing.

What I’m always going to tell you is to hold onto your personal ambitions, desires, drive, and feelings. Hold onto your dreams, goals, and wishes with all of your might. Become selfish and stay obsessed with what you want.

Choose yourself, every single day. Here’s how:

  1.  Choose to believe that you DESERVE the goals you have
  2.  Choose to believe that you’re MORE THAN CAPABLE of everything you imagine
  3.  Choose to believe that YOUR TIME IS VALUABLE, and it belongs to you first.
  4.  Choose you FIRST.

Say it with your whole chest.

Go look in the mirror and speak nicely and with confidence to yourself. Tell yourself what you want to accomplish and tell yourself that you can. I’m so fucking serious. Go look in the mirror and say it out loud. Or record it on selfie video. Speak to yourself.

Stop telling social media your plans, and tell yourself. Them strangers don’t know you. You know you. You’ll know when you’re talking truth because you know your own voice and when it soars, and where it falters.

Choose to be real with yourself. Choose to hold yourself accountable, and to show up every day for yourself.

Be selfish with your time. Decline others. Learn to say no. Learn to prioritize YOUR OWN WANTS & NEEDS over other people. Pour your energy into your own goals first. Do – DO (as in take action) – things which make you feel empowered and good about yourself.

Choose urgency for yourself, instead of procrastination. This blog post is finished. Now, go do something for yourself and put what you’ve read into action!

Do you need help going after what you want? And planning your next steps? Book a one-hour consult with me today, and I'll give you the exact roadmap & step-by-step to achieve your goals.



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