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If you’re brave enough to want to become a freelancer, you’d better be confident and consistent enough to go after and get clients. As a freelancer you need relentless determination to close and sign clients over and over again.  You gotta be driven asf for your bag, and fast moving to let go of losses, and stay focused on making your next opportunity.

The quickest way to get clients as a freelancer is believing you can.

Your self belief will propel you toward strong, confident action, and all of your efforts will be more effective as a result. One way to develop a strong CAN DO attitude and mentality is to repeat positive affirmations to yourself. Read the following list out loud, and put “I can” before each one like you mean it:


  • make a living doing this.
  • ask for that much.
  • speak to anybody, anywhere in the world about my topic of expertise.
  • problem solve tasks on a per project basis.
  • send 400 cold e-mails.
  • share my links.
  • brag about my achievements.
  • jump into strangers replies on social media.
  • write and revise and memorize my personal sales pitch.
  • make a living doing this.

Freelancers get clients by being confident & consistent

I know you’re smart enough to know that nothing worth having comes easily. Ultimately, you’re asking people for money. So you’d be better be 100% solid in what you’re giving them. If you don’t believe your work is top tier who else will? And real talk, if it’s not top tier then MAKE IT TOP TIER, BITCH!

Work on your portfolio to boost your confidence.

Create something that’s just for you; not for a client but to flex your creative skills. Make something for fun, for love, for exercise, to improve, to recharge your confidence in your own ability.

Crystalize your business pitch to deliver consistent messaging.

The obvious first step is knowing your offer inside-out. Your offer is your product/service. After you’ve spent SUBSTANTIAL time developing your business plan (THE WHOLE THING), then you can simplify pitch process. Learn more about that here.

Practice being able to say what you do simply, and straightforward, with a self-assurance. Say it like you mean it, like this is your CAREER, not a hobby you’re scared you’re doing wrong. Even if you’re scared and have self-doubt, practice speaking your pitch like you aren’t. Get your pitch down and be able to say it with your whole chest.

Simplify your hiring & payment process.

The bottom line when you work for yourself IS THE BOTTOM LINE. And you wanna figure out how to get there in the least amount of time, as often as possible. So make it SUPER DUPER easy for people to hire you and pay you.

Be prepared & professional to show your consistency.

What makes clients hire you faster? Freelancers get clients faster when people can SEE your best work clearly. When they can IMMEDIATELY SEE your value, and understand your what your work can give them, people move closer to hiring you.

Payment made easy. How do you get paid in the digital age? QUICKEST WAY? Get a Stripe, Square, or PayPal account. Do not put this off, and putz around with excuses. Click through to one of the payment websites and sign up right now. Then, come back and finish reading this blog.

Connect your payment account to your bank account. All three of these payment processors allow small businesses to create custom payment links. When a potential client decides they want to work with you, they’ll ask what’s next. Tell them you’ll send over a proposal with a link for them to make a deposit. Then, copy & paste your payment link in a text or e-mail and the real ones who want to hire you will drop that deposit on the spot.

Freelancers need to be determined & relentless to get clients / close contracts.

First of all, I KNOW you’re using a contract. I know you already have a contract template, that you’re exporting to PDFs that you attach to emails whenever you get booked for a gig. Right?

Closing clients and getting contracts is about more than just getting paid: It’s about YOUR FUTURE & YOUR SUCCESS.

You have to have a relentless attitude about your own success.

You want to be successful more than anything. Being successful feels way different than bending for work and then having to chase people for money after you’ve already delivered. Being successful feels very good. Having a client agree to a contract, provide a signature, and pay a same-day deposit is incomparable to the bullshit.

Once you get used to that feeling you become determined to skip the freelance cha-cha-cha. You become about the work, no time for dancing with jokers.


Why Freelancers Have To Use Contracts with Clients



Part of your business planning is making a marketing plan. You can’t rely on your friends and family to do your word of mouth all the time. You have to be your biggest hype person.

Be aggressive, CLEAR, and consistent. Mix up your marketing across socials: Play around with your imagery and copy. Try different styles of interactions and posting. Maybe some days you post links, and other days you post photos. Some weeks you post lots of stories, and others you jump into more replies.

The important thing is that YOU PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE. And if you’re going to drop your business links, always have a clear message and point.

If you want deep dive personalized marketing help, book 1 hour with me.


Successful Freelancers Stay Focused

You will lose clients. It happens, and it stings like hell. It might even happen that someone makes off with the money AND the work. It’s rare but it can happen. You have to be able to take the L, and get back up. If this is what you truly want to do then nothing can keep you down. If someone starts stringing you along for several days, or even leading into two-week territory – CUT THEM and move on.

Don’t Dwell

Don’t make excuses for anyone who moves slowly with the money, the work, communication or matching energy. Put them on ice and go after new work. Do not waste a moment of your life dwelling on a lost gig.

Instead, review the tape: Was there any part of your interaction that you could have been more clear? More confident? Presented a stronger proposal? If you gave it your best shot and you just weren’t the right fit, move on.

If you gave it your all and the client was a fucking prick, thank God you’re out of that mess, and move on. Get back to work and minding (read: manifesting) the business that pays you!

Always Be Doing & Improving

If you want to be a successful freelancer who gets clients then you have to stay busy. Create opportunities for yourself. Keep talking with new people, and promoting yourself. Make new additions to your portfolio FOR FUN, for the love of creating – you know the whole reason you even started doing what you do.

Keep busy by improving your skills, refining your product/service, and tightening up your business processes. Stay focused on YOUR success and every possible thing within YOUR POWER that YOU CAN DO to ensure it.

Remember, freelance isn’t for the soft. This is a career choice for people who know their talent, worth, and hunger for challenge. If you’re gonna get in this ring know that it demands endurance. If you show up ready to put in work – even when you don’t have work – I promise you it will pay off.

Do you need help going after what you want? And planning your next steps? Book a one-hour consult with me today, and I'll give you the exact roadmap & step-by-step to achieve your goals.



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