originally posted: October 19, 2022

The “business owner” -slash-etsy artist to GFM pipeline is WILD.

Listen, I appreciate some gfm love. I appreciate the friends who stepped in for me when I actually fucking needed it and made gfm pages for me. And those donations helped me cover REAL disasters.

But in the midst of both disasters I was hustling my ass off and working through it the whole time. It’s never easy. Everyone is depressed. Everyone has something going on. But the way some people push their gfm OVER their business…

I understand that the system is fucking everybody.

And that mutual aid is absolutely a good thing. But where is the strength and resilience of the individual to push through their circumstance, to create new alternatives for themselves. I know how this is gonna come off…

And Idgaf. We can cry for the spilled milk or we can fashion a new glass. I watch some of these mutual aid accounts. They’ve been going for over a year. It’s called a grift. But go with God, y’all.

There are people actually, truly hard up and struggling. And they’re not on twitter everyday for half a year to 9 months expecting strangers’ pity. They’re doing what they need to do for themselves.

If this is the new system y’all are thinking up…. it’s a yikes. If you want to organize the general strike and do real mutual aid of farming and raising one another’s kids and getting real commune about it, do that. Get off the grid, pull yor money out the banks.

Stop paying taxes. Organize. Revolt. Rebel.

But grifting? Bc you’re lazy? And supporting grifters? This can’t be the new society we’re going for?

I’m being hella judgy. But being idle and begging for things is fucking gross. Use your brain and move your ass. *MANIFEST* but actually.


If you want change, YOU HAVE TO CHANGE. At some point you have to actually produce the reality you want for yourself. That means you have to create a plan. You have to create your list of goals, then outline the steps you need to take for each of them. And after that, you have to DO THE THINGS.

If you say you want to start a blog, write your articles. If you say you want to sell jewelry then make the jewelry and take photos, and plan your price points. If you want to impact social change then find people who share your values and connect with them. Share ideas, collaborate on collective action.

DO SOMETHING about what you talk about.

Everyone wants and needs money. There’s no getting around that part. But what can you do right this very moment that doesn’t require money? Google Docs is free. You can start writing today. If you have one pen or pencil and a piece of paper you can start sketching your ideas right now. You can begin visualizing your ideas and goals.

Are you willing to take action in this instant? Or would you rather post to social media and ask strangers for $20 every single day for the rest of your life? Like I said, we all have hard times. Mutual Aid is a fundamentally good thing during unarguably atrocious times. But is that the future we genuinely want?

Didn’t you have other hopes for yourself, for your life? Tap back into them. Act on it.

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