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Jan 9. Having A Great Time

Jan 9

The new year has kicked off with me kicking myself into my HIGHEST GEAR. December was dramatic and intoxicating, and I went with the whole flow of it because I’d given myself the month off for “holiday.”

My computer fell off the desk. I went a teeny tiny bit pyscho – familiar territory. I cried a bunch because my shadow haunts and exhausts me. And then, I just remembered WHO I am.

The personal life may or may not always be in absolute comedic shambles. What can you do? We are human and we are flawed and ego-driven and lustful for attention and control.

But you can’t control other people. You can only ever manipulate them. (Another post, another time.)

In all seriousness, no matter what’s gotten to you today, this week, this month, last year, whenever – only you can pull you out of it. Only you can control yourself.

And through that self control, you can create and *manifest* the visions inside your head. But it’s only ever going to come from inside of you. So take the week or the month if you need to. And cry it out. But know when to hydrate, drink your coffee, do your squats and jumping jacks and sit down and make your ideas reality.

So this morning, I spoke with an author about her website redesign. And she had her change requests for the draft design ready. And we went through each of them. And toward the end I noticed she framed her questions with “I was wondering if…”

We have all done it. Asked for permission to want something different. Minimized our introduction to soften our statement/request. Her requests were completely valid, and totally good points. But I could tell she was apprehensive to ask me if she could ask for a change.

I emphatically replied that it was her website and she could ASK FOR ANYTHING. I also let her know that those color changes were a good call. 

And later in the afternoon, after a 60 minute sun’s-out-buns-out sesh, I reflected on what an English guy said to me after the club a few weeks ago.

He called me out on not being confident enough. And not in a condescending way, more like he was befuddled to find that beneath the bright colors AND CAPSLOCK PERSONA I’m a little nervous all the time, a little shy, a substantial amount defensive.

Well. There you have it. And again, aren’t we all human?

But I thought about how we’re all a little insecure and nervous in different areas. And we’re all super strong in others. And we find the balance in the moments we actively help others.

And so, yeah. I helped another woman today. I created some things. I took hella photos. I hydrated. I MADE THINGS. I MADE A DIFFERENCE.


And as the world is burning, it’s the best I can ask for each day. To inspire myself, to continue on with it.

Follow Your Dreams.

Get It Done.