originally posted: October 31, 2023

Don’t have time to work on your business plan? MANIFEST IT.

Your business plan isn’t going to write itself, but it’s cute that you think it will. You and all the other void-screamers online who want someone to pat them on the head and pay them for the wrong opinion. Sure, Jan.

I used to live on Twitter. I had two profiles. The private one I’ve had for 9 years. It was where I’d drunk tweet all the details of my very messy personal life.

And then I had my “business” twitter, where I followed creatives, spiritualists, writers, designers, developers, marketing know-it-alls, and a bunch of small business/online shop owners.

I learned so much about the market from that account: So many people want money. But only a handful have a plan, and follow through on their efforts consistently and seriously. The majority are just trying to be like everyone else. The majority have no clue what it takes to work for themselves, let alone how to actually put in work.

Oh you think you’re just gonna make a website, send out a few tweets, post a few stories and shots to Instagram and BOOM there goes your business being all viral and shit!

Lol, okay, no.

That’s not how any of this is gonna work, sweetie.

If you want to start a business start by making time.

Life is choices, and every moment of the days of our lives we make choices. I always tell people to follow their dreams. If you want to start a business, or start a website then I WANT YOU TO DO THAT.

Just know that there are thousands – HUNDREDS of thousands – of other people doing the same exact thing you want to do. And they’re putting in the TIME.

Ask yourself honestly, if you are too.

You have to remember that everyone doing what you’re doing – and everyone who’s already where you want to be – is dedicated to making the time for their work; the work that they chose to do.

Nobody ever got successful on accident. Nobody ever found financial freedom with their business by phoning it in. Everyone who’s doing what they love and making money with it, SHOWS UP, consistently.

They plan, they organize, they strategize, they rearrange, and they keep at it to push through their blockages. They rest when they’re burnt out, and when they’re done resting they jump back in with renewed energy to PUSH HARDER for what they want.

That’s the cheat code.

The most realistic timeline for your business success is the timeline that YOU create.

When you’re first starting out, you have to MAKE time in your day to focus on the business. The choice is up to you.

Will you wake up one hour earlier every day and do your planning in the morning?

Or spend your lunch break writing your business plan? Will you do it after dinner and before bed?

Will you stay awake an hour later doing product development?

Or skip happy hour on Friday? Will you turn off your phone on the weekend and write your blogs?

Will you ignore outside distractions and commit to your business goals?

Can you resist the urge to post on the website formerly known as Twitter? Can you resist the void? Do you dare to engage in new ways, on new platforms? Can you push yourself to experiment with creative mediums, and to explore alternative ways to share your message?

One thing I’ve noticed every single time I decide to buckle down and work on my own important projects is that people from my personal life suddenly start inviting me out left and right.

It’s just the way it goes. That’s how the Universe tests us; with the moments of truth. These are the times when we decide and choose what deserves our time and energy the most.

So I have almost everyone in Archives – where messages are automatically muted. It’s not personal. It’s business. And my business is my focus. Period.

There is ALWAYS work to be done on your business. Whether you’re at the beginning stages, or thinking of growing and scaling. You can always improve your process, and tighten up.

But the bottom line to your bottom line is that YOU have to make the time for it in your day. You have to prioritize your business. Your success begins and ends with your choices.

Where should you focus your time and energy?

1. Product/Service Descriptions

Most ecommerce websites I’ve seen just automatically include the manufacturer description. Cool. A cotton blend shirt. Fun.

Why don’t you tell me what this shirt represents. One carefully crafted sentence on the inspiration for the design, on the belief, on the message, on the vibe or tone. That one sentence is the key that unlocks connection between you and your buyer.

Manifest the time to write your product descriptions.

If you offer services, get crystal HDR 4K clear about exactly what you deliver and how you deliver. Run through the technicals – the 1, 2, 3, step-by-step of it.

Then, explore WHY the way that you do it is super beneficial to your clients/customers.

Think of your service descriptions as a cake. Okay, eggs, butter, batter, bake. Cool.

Now, frost and ice this bitch and put some sprinkles. And those pretty pink flowers. And some edible gold flecks.

Really show out. Not a good writer? Not confident you can make your product/service into a designer Instagram cake?

Good thing you know someone who can.

2. Write (or rewrite) Your Mission Statement

What are your personal values? And what does your business GIVE people? What matters most to your clients that matters to your business?  Make this AIRTIGHT, vacuum-sealed. Be able to say it to people in one sentence:

I make websites & stores for creatives small businesses, and help them do promo.

The most important thing to my clients is getting online (websites/store), and getting social engagement and site traffic (promo). This is what I DO. This is what matters to them and matters to me.

One of my biggest personal values is helping others. I believe that once you know better you must do better. I believe that if you can help someone else, if you have the ability to do so, YOU MUST DO SO. But that’s just my philosophy.

Anyway, helping others matters to me. So the word “HELP” is in my mission statement.

3. Perfect Your Pictures

We are too far into the 21st century for anyone to be passing off subpar product photos. If you have anything higher than an iPhone 7, you have no fathomable excuse for basic photos.

There are too many free apps (on the phone, online, in the browser) for product photos to have “regular” lighting. Everyone is taking photos outside with the grass in the background. Everyone is holding lip gloss in the palm of their hand.

Daydream. Dare to be different. Plan a concept photoshoot. Scroll through Pinterest if you come up dry. Visit Raw Pixel or Unsplash and run a search through “product photos,” or search for the things you sell to see what high quality photos look like.

Obviously, everyone cant be a professional photographer. But you can start to train your eyes. Save the Unsplash photos you like best. Then, do side-by-side comparison with your product photos.

What differences and similarities do they have in terms of lighting and shadows and color pop and background imagery?

Can you make your photos brighter? Make the color pop more? Can make the background less busy?

Your Business Is What You Make It.


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