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What’s your read on energy? Energy is one of the guiding principles of my life. Does an activity give me energy, or does it drain my energy? Does it allow me to release energy in a positive way?

I check in with myself and my energy on every project and with every client. How does working on this feel? How does communicating with this person feel to my energy?

Overall, I’m energized by my work.

I love putting together a smooth website design and layout. I feel invincible whenever I crack a bit of code that makes some element of a website function better. And I’m fulfilled when I know that I’ve given a client their vision, and then some.

The energy I give and receive in doing my work fuels my belief in myself and what I do.

And that belief is what I put behind my marketing efforts, and into my consultation calls, and project proposals. I believe whole-heartedly in what I’m able to create and deliver. I believe that I can help people who come to me for websites or marketing consultations.


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Believing in yourself – knowing that YOU ARE CAPABLE – and having a sense of purpose and positive feelings toward what you do MAKES YOU BETTER at pitching your products and services.

Sales itself is not an industry for everyone.

I lasted one year in ad sales for a news website and I wasn’t awful, but I wasn’t very good at it either. I didn’t have much faith or genuine positive feelings about what we were offering. I didn’t believe it could actually help the businesses we were pitching. But I had a job to do, and I had enough sense and skill to mange.

Years before, I’d worked as an administrative assistant for a “Green” B2B start-up that provided certification courses to architects and construction workers who wanted to qualify for LEED projects. Nearly everyone I spoke with, who called to learn more about the classes, asked whether I made a commission on enrollment because I’d easily convinced them to take the courses.

The truth was I simply believed the courses were helpful, and I felt energized in my work environment, and by the positive impact of the product we were providing.

Some people are natural born sales people. They can sell water to a well, snow to a snowman.

I am not those people. And neither are most small business owners. The average freelancer, or entrepreneur probably fears and hates the idea of doing sales. Unfortunately, the point of being in business is to make sales. So you gotta figure it out.

My cheat code is energy.

Get into the energy you feel about your business. Tap into the fundamental belief you have in yourself and what you’re doing. Get ALL UP in those good feelings, and connect what you love about your business to HOW it can make others feel.

If your marketing and sales efforts can give off a positive feeling – whether inspiration, humor, empowerment – they’re more likely to give you the results you want. And if you can feel energized while creating content and copy, even better. Because the better YOU feel about what you’re doing, the more energy you’ll put into it. And when you put enthusiastic and positive energy into your business it will grow.

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