One-on-One Business Planning / Writing Coaching

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ALL ORDERS ARE FINAL AND NON-REFUNDABLE. Please read The Fine Print here. YOU WILL RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION EMAIL. Please use this contact form for any questions.

You have a business idea (or a book idea) and NO CLUE HOW to get your shit together and make it happen. You want to follow your business dreams but you keep putting off the planning.

Talk with someone who knows EXACTLY how to get organized, GET PUBISHED, GET ONLINE, MARKET and EARN. Let’s plot a course and create a strategy FOR YOU, and watch those e-mails/bookings and sales come in.

10 one-hour planning sessions to get your shit together with follow-up checklists, PDFs, and detailed explanations ever step of the way. We’ll cover step-by-step details including:

  • Identifying your reasons for doing this
  • Developing your core idea
  • Mastering your message
For Business Planning:
  • Mastering your pitch & tagline
  • Identifying your perfect market match
  • Fundamentals of Pricing
  • Detailing your process & logistics
  • Product delivery/fulfillment
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Payment accounts & processing
  • Website design + function + PURPOSE
  • Brand identity: aesthetic + messaging

The Fine Print

The One-on-One Business Planning / Writing Coaching package is priced at $800 for 10 hour-long sessions.

*This package does not include marketing content creation. Clients will receive personalized PDF guides AND instructional videos for specific strategy steps unique to their business / writing goals. We will meet on zoom and discuss your goals, and work through the processes of writing and brain-storming together.

Please be sure to read the full Terms & Conditions for payments & services here.

A non-refundable 32% deposit ($250) is required to begin.

To book Nineke Creative for this project, enter code: DEPOSIT32 at check out, and pay $250. After payment is processed Nineke Creative will contact you to schedule a call. Please use the contact form for any questions.