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I’m Ruth Nineke and I LOVE working with seriously passionate people.

Lily J Cunningham

Client Background:

Lily is a counselor and activist from Ohio who I met on Twitter. We share similar values – mainly we aren’t bigots and we respect individuals’ rights to bodily autonomy. We also aren’t shy to speak our minds.

Project Request:

Lily booked a 1-hour website consult with me to discuss their motivations for beginning a blog, and what that would entail. Over zoom I explained the benefits of having your own blog, as a place to share your strong opinions and ideas on your own terms – without the censorship and vitriol of Twitter. I also detailed the process of working with me.

The Deliverable:

Aside from the project welcome e-mail where new clients get links for choosing their color and font preferences, every website build includes 1 year of web hosting, AND MailChimp account set-up. Because Lily already had several articles written, and a decent following of interested people, it made sense to create an e-mail newsletter to share blog posts.

The website build included the standard bootstrap minify, google font additions, and Google Analytics scripts. I used a custom WP Query to create a shortcode for displaying blog posts on the homepage, and below each article. I also added the Custom Post Type “Resources” to showcase individuals and organizations which Lily endorses.

Monthly Maintenance with SEO:

Lily is very committed to  promoting anti-racism, and mental health advocacy. Each month, we have 2 zoom calls, to go over the writing. First Lily puts the words down, and uploads drafts to WordPress. Then, I revise her writing, and seek out trending and relevant keywords in each piece. The Yoast SEO plug-in helps me to edit each post to ensure strong keyword usage.

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Web Hosting

Deluxe E-Commerce

Screengrab of THEM8CLUB e-commerce/online store website design by Nineke Creative. White page background with 3 color hoodies; black, red, pink. Black fonts and ALL CAPS lend to the block structure of the layout.

Website Maintenance

Stock imagery from pinterest; floral girlboss aesthetic. Overhead shot of woman working at white table top, with one hand on a black spiral dayplanner, one hand holding a pencil, hovering over the mousepad of her macbook. Coffee cups and a vase of pink roses are adjacent, with some artsy, pink fashion type book above the laptop