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Little Hawk

Client Background:

Paige “Little Hawk” Acevedo is an actor, singer, and photographer from New York City. In July 2022, she purchased my Business Web Hosting package ($95 USD/year – with WordPress Installation included).

Initially, Paige used bylittlehawk.com as her main website to showcase her acting and performance work. She created the subdomain captured.bylittlehawk.com to promote her photography services.

Project Request:

In May 2023 Paige booked a website consult with me to discuss revamping her website design and adding e-commerce. After nearly a year of going the DIY route, she was ready for a new, sleeker look. She wanted a professional website that allowed people to see her best work and easily hire her for new gigs.

Understanding The Assignment:

On the call I explained my ideas of using more imagery to highlight her talents, and set a cinematic feel for the site. I suggested creating separate portfolio pages, a blog layout, contact/booking forms, and maintaining a brand aesthetic across domains.

Every client project begins with a welcome e-mail. I send every new client links to choose their fonts and site colors. Once I finished the wireframe sketch, and Paige provided her preferences, I began designing in Elementor. I used the Custom Post Types function to add “Acting,” “Music,” and “Modelling” posts to the WordPress Dashboard. This way Paige could upload each section of her vast portfolio separately, and visitors could directly browse through the work they most wanted to see.

Bringing It All Together:

Once I finished bylittlehawk.com, Paige and I had a follow-up zoom call to go over her notes and change requests. I adjusted most of her list in real time as we shared screens. When she was pleased with the final colors, fonts, and layout I began applying a similar design to captured.bylittlehawk.com

Both sites were completed in roughly four weeks.

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Deluxe E-Commerce

Screengrab of THEM8CLUB e-commerce/online store website design by Nineke Creative. White page background with 3 color hoodies; black, red, pink. Black fonts and ALL CAPS lend to the block structure of the layout.

Website Maintenance

Stock imagery from pinterest; floral girlboss aesthetic. Overhead shot of woman working at white table top, with one hand on a black spiral dayplanner, one hand holding a pencil, hovering over the mousepad of her macbook. Coffee cups and a vase of pink roses are adjacent, with some artsy, pink fashion type book above the laptop