originally posted: November 6, 2023

We can’t all be Girl Bosses.

Not every woman can be a business owner, or manage an online business. Sure, “equal opportunity” and “feminism,” and “a woman can be anything she dreams of.”

Absolutely. But every woman is not built the same.

It’s like The Smiths told us, “Some girls are bigger than others.” I take this to heart with regards to personality and strength

Some women have more ambition, more clarity, more determination, more energy, and more passion. They can dig deeper, faster, for longer to achieve their goals. Some women are more independent, and self-propelled than others. They can identify their own goals, and easily discern between their individuality and outside projections.

Them’s the real Girl Bosses.

BAM Broads vs. Wannabes

All women aren’t the same. Some of us are just Bad Ass Motherfuckers who get shit done By Any Means. We just have more of what it takes. And if we don’t have what it takes, some of us have enough balls & grit to find a way to get it.

While “success” is subjective, we can agree that a successful female entrepreneur earns consistent revenue from her own business. If your business sales are covering your living expenses AND you have left over money to treat yourself – or reinvest into your business – that’s baseline success.

If you’re covering living expenses, can reinvest back into the business AND treat yourself often, then you’re really Gilr-Bossin’.

Wannabes are easily-influenced people who want to do whatever they see lots of other people doing. They want to be what they think other like. They want to be in on the cool thing. Wannabe Girl Bosses are women who come online for a spell, barely earn business revenue, and disappear within 6 months to a year.

In my nearly 15 years of being a creative entrepreneur and working online with other women I’ve noticed 3 personality traits that separate the real Girl Bosses from the wannabes. If you want to become a business owner and be your own boss, have a heart-to-heart with the Woman inside to see which you need:

Every Woman Online Business Owner Needs Strong Self-Confidence (& Self-Validation)

Successful women business owners approve themselves. They believe in themselves. These are women who know their own minds, and opinions. Your success as a business owner begins and ends with your confidence levels. You’ll need unwavering faith in yourself, your idea, your skills, and your energy to be consistent.

Women who need approval, or validation from others before they can feel sure about their decisions aren’t cut out to be entrepreneurs. Tough break, kid. Prove me wrong. Keep twirling your baton for applause and before long you’ll be spinning yourself in circles trying to say and do what every customer / client / friend / family member tells you to.

Real Girl Bosses know what they want to do and achieve and they trust themselves. Period.

Every Woman Online Business Owner Needs Vision

Do you have clear goals for your business? Did you define the goals yourself, or did you need a business coach to tell you what your goals are? You can figure out your goals by yourself, and if you don’t think so, go back to the self-confidence part. Your goals for your business are yours. They’re personal.

You can have financial goals. You can base your goals for the business around your freedom, or even around your ego. Maybe you want to be “an influencer” because you want brands to give you free swag and money. Cool. Trashy goal, but remember my opinion of your business idea shouldn’t matter to you.

If you want it, then own that vision. Don’t let anybody talk you out of your dreams.

But first, you gotta know what the fuck your vision is. How do you figure out your business goals? I don’t know, just decide what you want the business to do, or give you. Your goals + vision = WHATEVER YOU WANT.

Successful women know what they want. And if you don’t know what you want from your business, you shouldn’t try to start one until you do.

Every Woman Online Business Owner Needs Stamina (& Genuine Passion)

Being a business owner is sort of like getting your period on stalled pubic transportation at rush hour, having intense cramps, and not having ibuprofen. It’s rough. It’s tough. You gotta breathe A LOT, and push through the discomfort, the dizziness, the sweating, the lower back pain. You just gotta endure.

Crying about it wont make the bus or train move faster. Oh, it hurts like hell don’t it. But if you don’t keep ibuprofen in your purse, that’s nobody else’s problem.

So it is with starting an online business. You have to get from business idea, and business plan all the way to first sale, and continuous sales. You think people are just gonna give you money because you’re a pretty woman with sweet manners? Or just because you asked?

Remember, lots of people are online with the same business as lots of other people. You’d better run back that business plan and know what makes you special.

After you have that down, you’d better know your ideal buyer inside out. Then, set up your business budget, and financials. You also have to make a marketing plan, and create your customer care / terms of service policy. And you need to choose your payment options, your delivery and distribution, etc, etc.

If business planning seems daunting to you, then don’t start a business.

Successful business owners NEVER get tired of working on their business because they have endless passion for what they’re doing.

Sure, they might get physically tired. They can become emotionally burnt out by dealing with people (🙆🏽‍♀️). Their bodies might force them to rest. Or their brains might get fried from buzzing so hard. But, they never actually want to stop working on their business.

Wannabes have excuses at the ready. They get tired EARLY,  procrastinate frequently. They’re not obsessed with their business. They’re not passionate. And they can only fake it half-way, at best!

How to become a real Girl Boss?

Start with your self-confidence.

Build yourself up to the point of arrogance. Read self-help books. Do affirmations. Write in your journal. Spend more time with yourself, learning to hear your own inner voice. Then, start listening to her above everyone else. Let your inner knowing and inner truth guide you.

Be truthful with yourself about what YOU like, what YOU want, and what the fuck YOU’RE doing with your life and energy. Are you pretending to be someone because you want external validation? Validate yourself. If you want to be a writer, or a photographer, life coach or influencer then BE THAT and do whatever it takes to believe that you can.

But don’t get lost in the sauce, waiting to be that told you’re doing amazing sweetie. You’ll know when you’re doing amazing because the results will speak for themselves and your internal pride will grow. At that point your self-confidence becomes its own rechargeable battery. Believe in yourself.

Vibe & Vision check.

A lot of women do upspeak when they talk about their business. They speak in question. They speak like they’re asking people to approve of their words.

Their voices betray them. Remember, if you don’t believe what you’re saying no one else will. And if people don’t believe you they won’t trust you enough to give you money.

Here’s a quick way to check your voice, and improve your ability to express your vision:

Can you speak about your business with the same tone of voice that you say your name and date of birth? Try it out.

Record yourself on your phone’s voice recorder. Record yourself on video.

Say your name, and your date of birth. Then, say what your business is. Say what you sell, and who your products/services help. Spell out your business pitch in less than 3 minutes.

If you can do it smoothly, keeping your voice even, then you’re probably a real one. If you stumble and struggle to explain your own business clearly and quickly go back to the planning stages.

Built for it

Are you burning, sizzling with passion for your idea? Can you bounce back from burnout, with even more gusto and momentum – after you’ve had time to rest? If you want to become a successful online business owner you need to be consumed with reaching your goals.

You’ll know whether or not you’re built for it when you get tired of talking about your ideas. When you become impatient for results, when you’re hungry for action, and ready to prove to yourself what you’re truly capable of – over and over again – then you’re ready to become a business owner.

Do you need help going after what you want? And planning your next steps? Book a one-hour consult with me today, and I'll give you the exact roadmap & step-by-step to achieve your goals.



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