originally posted: February 26, 2024

People often misuse their personal power.

Your ability to make choices makes you powerful. You can choose what to do with your mind, your time, your body – for the most part (not in America really hey!)

Choice is free will. You can close this window and stop reading what may surely devolve into hippy bullshit, or you can choose to keep scrolling and allow me to attempt to enlighten you. You have the power of choice in every second of your life.

A lot of people choose to hand power over to others.

So it becomes someone else’s responsibility to make them feel safe, protected, seen, validated, important.


You better validate and protect your goddamn self. You want to be seen and feel important? Then believe that you are. aCT LIKE YOU ARE. Act like you have very important and valuable, worthwhile shit to be doing on this planet and go about your business handling that.

Don’t whine and nag at me or anybody else to give you that importance, approval, validation, or respect. Come the fuck off it.

This weekend was interesting. There was a full moon in Virgo.

There were angry people online, feeling unsafe because a journalist interviewed a moron. Oh, to be sure the entire situation was highly nuanced. There is no situation in human life, in modern times that isn’t nuanced.

But to the angriest of the angry mob, it was very cut and dry:

Their safety depended on their being able to dictate who and what topics a writer covered, and how that writer used her skills.

Their ire demanded that anyone who didn’t understand the rules was a defender of bigotry, or a fool, some smooth-brained idiot, or conspiratorial part of the “writer class.”

It was quite a spectacle. And logic had very little welcome space. In fact, social media consistently proves not to be a safe space for anyone postulating logically.

Good thing I don’t care about needing a safe space online.

Because I don’t put my security into other people’s hands. Because that’s not the type of life I want to live – where I’m relying on strangers I don’t know to validate me, and to consider my safety like their job is to protect me and hold my hand as I cross the streets of life. Tuh!

Hard to swallow pill:

Nobody’s coming to save you


The ugly irony of nazis killing jews, and then isreal attempts to exterminate Palestinians.

The comical irony of trans/non-binary people feeling unsafe and then proceeding to bully a writer and antagonize anyone who dared ask them questions.

Are there parallels here? While they’re not the same situations, they’re certainly something similar.

One side feels attacked/is attack. That side begins attacking.

Hey it’s cool. Zero skin off my back. My point here is mainly, whatever side of the sides, of the fights, of the revolution or keyboard warriors you’re on, be on that side but have *something* meaningful to show for your vitriol. Have fundraising, have organizing, have mass messaging, have a news letter, have a channel for YOUR CAUSE.

Your priorities are listed in your god damn bio.

Get on YouTube, get on TikTok. Devote yourself to your cause and your messaging and relentlessly champion yourself, and your entire community.

The people who actively wish you harm are actively engaged in spreading their poison. You’re actively bullying a journalist? The math is trash here.

If you want a different reality from the one you’re existing in right now you have to take a different approach – to everything you’re doing.

At some point you’re going to have to buckle in, buckle down, get serious, and organize activity that brings you results.

Because screaming like an angry bird online all weekend has changed a fuck ton of fuck all out in the real world. And if you didn’t feel safe yesterday, I sure bet you don’t feel any safer now after having gone dozens of fruitless rounds with people you don’t know and will never meet in real life.

Your energy is much better spent engaging in educational and supportive interaction within your communities. Sharing resources, time, links, media that soothes, as opposed to triggers. There are a multitude of ways you can help your peers during an emotional time of grieving. There are ways to fortify and strengthen other humans. And there are ways to spin your wheels and feed the anger machine.

So my question is, to whoever, anyone really of any faith or binary, or inclination:

What do YOU want?

Out of this hellish life, in this hellish world? What kind of reality do you want to exist in? Who do you want to be in that reality? Who do you want to show up as right now?

What choices will you make to bring that on?

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