Monthly Website Maintenance


ALL ORDERS ARE FINAL AND NON-REFUNDABLE. Please read The Fine Print here. YOU WILL RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION EMAIL. Please use this contact form for any questions.

Book 3 months and use coupon code: 3MSMD to take $150 off.

You’re running a business! You have appointments to keep, videos to make and products to ship. Nineke Creative offers flexible website maintenance solutions for small businesses that don’t have time to get lost inside a website. Maintenance retainer includes site admin, technical maintenance, design changes on request, photo edits, speed optimization, software  and product updates as needed.

The Fine Print

Monthly site maintenance is $250 per 30 days (or four weeks) and must paid in advance. Receive on-call services and immediate response for site adjustment, changes, updates, etc.  Site admin, SEO assistance, technical maintenance, copy & design changes, photo edits, speed optimization, software updates. Book 3 months and use coupon code: 3MSMD to take $150 off

Please use the contact form for any questions.