originally posted: February 27, 2023

This is a tough-love motivational reminder to cut your shit.

What do you really want and do you really want it?

A lot of our problems – and I say our because I got the same problem bb – is that we don’t know that we deserve what we want. The knowing and the believing are two sides of the same coin. You can’t know anything for sure unless you have the foundation of believing it. If you believe something could be possible, you open yourself up to learning more about that possibility. And as you learn what’s you possible, you come to know “truths” based on your personal experience of learning.

But you can’t start if you don’t  believe something could be possible.

And when it comes to your ideas, YOU HAVE GOT TO BELIEVE IN YOUR OWN IDEAS. They cam from your head so? If you don’t believe in your ideas what’s really going on?

People roll up in my DMs every single week with

“I want to be a designer.”

“I want to be a freelancer.”

“I want a website.”

“My idea is this that the other thing.”

And then literal MONTHS and YEARS go by and they haven’t done anything. And some how they’re fine with that.

BRO. HOW?! How are you really okay with not knowing what you’re really made of? How are you okay not knowing what you could achieve?

You want the whole “making money online” to be easy out the gate and that’s your mistake. You should want to be stronger than you are. You should want to feel proud of yourself.

You should want to become bigger and better than you are.

“It” gets easier once you get through the set-up. It is the reality you create when you learn to control your mind and your energy. It is the result of YOU.

Adjust your attitude about effort and energy. Make the effort. Put in the energy. You’re gonna need to make an effort to put your idea or product together. And you’re gonna need the same energy you use to say “I want” to put action behind your wishing and hoping.

Lucky me. I know my strengths and I have skills, talent, and determination. So coming up with a “product” to sell wasn’t very hard. Websites. Writing/editing services. Business “coaching” or content development.

The thing you sell should be something you know about and something you’re VERY interested in; dare I say passionate about. Imagine expecting people to pay you money for something you barely understand and haven’t got an emotional connection to? You want them to give you money for something you’re lazy about? Would you pay a sex worker for a lazy blow job? Everybody has to to show up like they mean it. You’re not exceptional for being lazy.

Aside from experience I also have confidence and a love for what I do.

I believe in myself and I believe in my ability to achieve the goals I set for myself. Sometimes confidence is hard to come by. Fair. Sometimes PMS is SKRONG. Sometimes, you’re coming off a loss (or series of losses with fake/goofy pretend wannabe clients who string you along for months knowing full well they never had the money or the ambition really). Sometimes you question everything about your future and your passions. It happens.

Okay, and? You just gonna sit there and stare in confusion all day? Or you gonna give yourself what you need? Remember, only you can prevent forest fires inside your mind.

Cry it out, then get up, and get to fucking work.

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