originally posted: March 9, 2024

Integrity Is Really A Big Deal.

When you work for yourself, online, integrity is everything. It’s crucial to your success that customers and clients believe you. Having integrity is how you get paid for your work. It’s mandatory when you’re taking money from other people. Being able to keep your word is a big deal.

Either you’ve got integrity and you work honestly, and up front, or you’re shady, indirect, and unreliable.

You either talk a lot about what you want to do, or you can show what you’ve already done and are capable of.

Either you’ve got the goods to back it up: an accessible portfolio of work, a verifiable client roster who can be contacted to confirm your work history. Or you have nothing to show – no website, no portfolio, not even a Linkedin, or Google knowledge panel.

People online LOVE to talk shit.

If you spend any considerable amount of time then you already know there are lot of people talking a lot of shit.

It trips me out how many strangers think I genuinely care about what they will do. Baby, I do not know you. I am a stranger on the internet and you are a stranger on the internet.

I don’t just want to do work . I LOVE the work. I’m obsessed with the work. I can’t wait to JUMP into the work. Because I do what thrills and fulfills me. And I LOVE doing things more than I enjoy the sound of my own voice.

When you google my name you see what time it is. The books, the blogs, the LinkedIn, the youtube interviews, the website, the portfolio, the gofundme(s) my friends made when actual calamity hit, because they knew I’d never make one myself.

I don’t type my dreams onto social media. I write them in my diary, then I write a plan and a to-do list and then I show the fuck up and put in the time. No excuses.

A Little Less Conversation

I’ve talked to so, so, so many people across apps, over the past 7 years. I’ve emailed with dozens of strangers off Craigslist. Everyone has a book idea, or wants to build this lofty website database, directory, with these bells, and those whistles.

When someone says they want a website, or they contact me to begin discussing the process I take them at their word. This is the beginning of the qualifying process.

I qualify clients based on how they communicate. Do they talk a lot without saying anything? Do they know what they want, and can they say it clearly? Does their voice or communication style change when money comes up?

Integrity In Your Work Isn’t Romantic. It’s Practical.

Integrity gets things done period. Imagination, innovation, and dreams are great. That’s how anything worth doing begins. You need the idea, the spark of imagination. We have to dream in order to create. But having integrity is how we bring our idea into the real world.

Excitement means nothing. Everyone is excited at the very start. Enthusiasm doesn’t always hold. The reality is that projects get done when we get out of the shit & giggles zone, and start to speak in practical terms.

Some questions I use to interview would-be clients:

  1. What exactly do you want?

  2. When do you want it?

  3. What do you want it to function like?

  4. How do you want it to look?

  5. What do you want the users to do with it?

  6. What is your budget?

These are matter of fact questions that bring ideas into reality. When people can answer these questions I know that they’re serious about the work.

Integrity Is When Your Words Match Your Actions

The most dedicated clients I’ve ever worked with were the ones who didn’t need to talk with me all the time. Once they could see my work, and grasp the payment process we were off. They emailed their media, or uploaded their assets to their folder on Google Drive and they waited for me to deliver the build within 7 – 10 days, as promised.

These clients all shared simple goals: clean design, contact form, blog. They didn’t need to do buddy exchanges and showboats on social media. They never tried to blow sunshine up my ass or serve me empty compliments because they understood the work was always the priority.

When the projects were done they thanked me for my help, for the answers I provide them, for making the entire process easy and transparent. And we all went on our way happy and satisfied.

Does Integrity matter to you? Does Your Work matter to you?

If you want to make a living for yourself, and do things you can be proud of, you’re going to have to show up for yourself offline. The likes and the notifications and the digital validation from strangers in your phone will not make your business. You will make that, when you log off. When you put your mind to the task(s) at hand.

You’ll make your business a success when you master matching your actions to your words.

It’s not about capitalism or hustle culture either. All humans want to feel fulfilled with how we spend our time. We don’t want to be losers, or feel like we are. It’s okay to be ambitious or want to make enough money to live comfortably, happily, healthy.

Finding or creating work that makes you feel good is satisfying beyond words. Being able to say

I did that. I made that happen.

Knowing that you took the actions that brought your ideas into the real world. It needs no double tap, no external validation. When you move with integrity, that’s how you reach self-fulfillment and self-validation. And once you’re there you’ll be confident and assured enough to truly help others.


How can you show up with more Integrity in your own work?


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