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How To Plan Your Website

Before you pay for a website, or even think about the design, follow these four steps to make a... Keep Reading

I Fucking Hate Lazy People

Lazy People Don’t Have Integrity or Passion. Lazy people have stories they tell themselves and others. They have excuses... Keep Reading

What’s Going On In Your Life?

Follow your dreams and take serious action toward your goals. PLEASE MAKE TIME for YOURSELF before everyone else. Prioritize... Keep Reading

Having Integrity In Your Work

Integrity Isn't Romantic. It's Practical. It's When Your Words Match Your Actions... Keep Reading

Want To Be A Passionate Person?

Whatever you have in mind, my message is that YOU CAN DO THE THING YOU WANT... if you show... Keep Reading

You Have The Power of Choice

A lot of people choose to hand power over to others. So it becomes someone else's responsibility to make... Keep Reading

What Are You Sorry For?

What do Black women owe anybody, anywhere? Certainly not apologies. So what are you sorry for?... Keep Reading

Ruth Nineke poses for a post-run selfie. She wears a blue bandana and a red cut off tee.
Believe in Yourself: The Choice Is Yours

If you can manage to go to the bathroom by yourself and wash your hands afterward, then you've got... Keep Reading

Picture of Ruth Nineke with her hands up and her hair wild. She wears a white shirt with colored floweres along the collar, and sleeves. Yellow neon letters spell Nineke Creative.
Free Yourself From Perfection

You don't have to put out perfect work. Period, ever. It doesn't have to be perfect. But you do... Keep Reading

How To Get Clients As a Freelancer

The quick cheat to get clients as a freelancer is believing you can... Keep Reading

How To Achieve What We Want To Do FOR REAL Tho. Actually.

It's not always easy to achieve what we say we want. It's not always easy to be the people... Keep Reading

3 Reasons To Choose Custom Web Design

Custom web design makes your site impress visitors right away, and ultimately convince them to buy from you and... Keep Reading

What Every Woman Online Business Owner Needs

In 15 years as a creative entrepreneur, working online with other women I've seen 3 personality traits that separate... Keep Reading

5 Reasons To Self-Publish With Blurb

Blurb is the self-publishing platform all writers deserve. The Blurb website easily guides you through how to self-publish.... Keep Reading

Bitches Just Love Attention

I'm something of a "boss" bitch myself, and like most bitches I too love attention. especially when it's personalized... Keep Reading

8 Traits of High Performers According To Matt Gray

I found this list of "high performer" traits by Matt Gray on LinkedIn and it reinforced my confidnce.... Keep Reading

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