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“Manifest” The Time To Work On Your Business Plan

Don’t have time to plan your business? MANIFEST IT. Everyone who's already where you want to be is dedicated to... Keep Reading

Do You Really Mean It Tho?

You want it to be easy out the gate and that's your mistake.... Keep Reading

Your Resistance To Your Own Success

Success is subjective. Can you see the ways you've been avoiding it? Can you find what you're afraid of... Keep Reading

Tips To Become A Better Writer

If you want to become a better writer you have to learn to get to the point.... Keep Reading

4 Steps To Make Money Online Fast

The fastest way to make money online is selling e-books. Write one and sell it.... Keep Reading


Life is for a limited time only, FYI. You deserve to reach your max potential before your number’s punched.... Keep Reading

Don’t EVER Let Anyone Talk You Out of Your Dreams

There is never a reason to stop believing in yourself or following your dreams.... Keep Reading

A Crisis of Confidence

We don't all have the confidence of a mediocre white man. But MAYBE WE SHOULD.... Keep Reading

How To Make A Marketing Plan

Show your customers how you can help them, why they should trust you, and where to get what they... Keep Reading

Why Are You Special?

Find out what makes your business special by asking yourself why you're doing this.... Keep Reading

SEO Tips & Planning

SEO is the process of matching your content with the way that customers search for what they want. Decide... Keep Reading

Hustle & Grift

The "business owner" etsy artist to gfm pipeline is WILD.... Keep Reading

Customizing WooCommerce Pages with ShopEngine

For the small business DIY website, ShopEngine & ElementsKit make customizing WooCommerce product pages simple.... Keep Reading

Be Bold. Be Brave.

Your dreams are waiting for you on the other side of your fear.... Keep Reading

Manifest Yourself As Hero

Become the hero of your own life. Unpack the narratives you believe and rewire them, by any means necessary.... Keep Reading

Business Women: Don’t Be Afraid To WALK.

Working for yourself is a trial of confidence and stamina. Always choose yourself.... Keep Reading

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